Tree Of Life (Wood & Stone Leaves Combination)

    This gorgeous "Tree Of Life" inlay design brings nature inside and adds earthy vibes to the space. Shown below with various border and stone leaves color options. Standard sizes are 36", 42", 48" and 60" in diameter x 3/4" thickness. However, they can be scaled to other custom sizes.

  • Tree Of Life with Infinity Border

    Flower Flower

    Tree Of Life w/custom "Keystone" Infinity Border

  • Flower Flower Flower Tree Tree

    Tree Of Life with Rope A border pattern. Shown with various shades of green stone leaves.

  • Flower Tree

    Tree Of Life with Rope B border pattern. Shown with green/turqoise stone leaves in left 3 and some purpleheart in the tree branches with off-white color leaves in the right 3 images.

  • Tree Of Life Tree Of Life Tree Of Life Tree Of Life Tree Of Life Tree Of Life

    Below is 60" diameter, walnut, wenge, anigre, red oak, S.Am mahogany, maple, sapele version. Rope B border pattern with stone for leaves.

  • Flower Tree

    "Medicine Wheel" and "Mountains" border variations.

  • Flower
Tree Of Life (All-Wood Version)
Thi is the all-wood version of the Tree Of Life design. The leaves, instead of stone, are made out of hand selected greenish/brown color poplar.