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Art Through Nature & Technology

Welcome to Lighthouse Arts, featuring the work of Zsolt Paul Golenya. We specialize in the creation of stunning inlaid designs, 3D and shallow relief carvings in the form of floor, wall and furniture art.  Our signature method of combining ancient marquetry techniques with modern technological innovations sets a new standard in detail, color, texture and 3D appearance.  Building on nature's beautiful color and grain variations, we add depth and fullness as we ingrain 3D relief and shading.

Our trade secret process has been developed over many years of research in materials science.  We showcase the glories of nature’s design, combining materials in ways that were previously impossible, to reveal their contrasting strengths and delicacies, endurance, fragility and complexity.  In many of our designs we mix wood, stone, metals and even glass to get the right color and texture we are looking for.   This unique blend of nature, science and cutting edge technology renders our products truly exceptional and functional works of art.

Imperial KnotThe Soul Of All Our Designs Is The Personal Touch Of The Artist

On this foundation we seek to bring our designs to life. We do not mass produce any of our products. Every one of our orders is given full, individual attention from start to finish. With unpralleled capacity for expressive detail, we are able to transform your wishes into an object of beauty with all of the permanence of nature's elements.

Semi & Fully Custom Work

We can customize our existing designs to suit your needs and likes or create it from scratch on artwork you supply to us.  We can work with you to bridge the gap from inspiration to finished product.  Attentive to your personal vision, together we mold the design that is as unique as your fingerprint.  All manufacturing is done in our own studio and is presented to the local installer with all necessary information for ease of installation.

All of our technical and artistic abilities fuse together and materialize in our product lines of wood flooring medallions, borders, parquet patterns, designer table tops, coffee tables, custom backsplashes, stone, wood, tile and glass engraving designs.